Sunday, 24 March 2013


I hope over these last posts that I have been able to provide you with good information on the ethical responsibilities of group members and leaders, and I hope that it has inspired or helped you to become a better group member or leader and that you have enjoyed these posts the last few weeks. At first this started out as just a project but I have grown to enjoy blogs so I will be looking at this blog through the near future to see if anyone has any questions that I can help with. Thankyou for reading through my posts the last few weeks and any feedback you have provided is much appreciated,

All the best!

Ability to collaberate rather than compete

Today I am going to discuss working with your group members instead of competing with them for individual recognition.

In a group many times you get the odd individual who just looks for individual recognition when completing a task. It is very important that team members take an interest in achieving team goals instead of individual recognition. In a group you should be able to contribute to ideas and give feedback that will benefit the group as a whole. It is important to keep an eye on group progress and think of ways to improve the weaknesses. Collaberating as a group for these ideas will lead to success in the task at hand and make all of the group members feel good about the accomplishment.

Do you find working with your team members on ideas effective ?

Acceptance of Ethical Responsibilities

Today I am going to talk about The Acceptance of Ethical Responsibilities and what it means to the group as a whole.

As team members you are going to have responsibilities to your groups, organizations, and even society. As a team it is very important to follow all responsibilities in being ethical and represent aswell as respect them in order to achieve group success. It is a teams obligation to have all group members refrain from doing anything that would endanger the success of the group and even society. If all group members accept their duties and follow through on their responsibilities then there is no reason why the group cannot achieve success with the task at hand. It is important that members do not try to work individually and that they work as a whole because as im sure you have discovered over all the posts that is key to achieving success as a team. Accepting the ethical responsibilties will not only be for the good of each individual but also the good of the group/ team.

How important is Ethical responsibilties to you ?

Be ready to Model appropriate team behaviour

Today I am going to touch upon one of the most important aspects of being a group member and that is modeling appropriate team behaviour.

When in a group completing a task or activity each group member needs to work together to effectively get the task at hand completed. Sometimes your group members may need some guidance in their task as it may become difficult and you must coach your team members through and help advance their skills. It is also very important to acknowledge when your fellow group member has achieved something great or put a lot of effort towards the task at hand as this will give them confidence to keep up the good work. In order to get the task done everyone may need a quick reminder of the teams goals and if you see this you should take initiative to give the reminder. These are all aspects of modelling appropriate team behaviour and will play its part in getting the job done in an effective way and will also push group members to do a great job in getting the task done.

What are your thoughts on this topic ?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Participant/Analyst Role

The topic I am going to touch upon today is taking on the participant/analyst role in your groups.

What i mean by this is that when you are in a group each member has certain responsibilities that they take on, and among those responsibilities they must pay attention and really think about and analyze what they are learning so that they can participate in the decision making and discussions that lead to decision making in the group with a  high degree of effectivness that will in the long run benefit the good of the group. A high commitment to knowing and understanding what you have learned and heard from other group members and participating and applying what you have learned leads to higher success in completing the group tasks.

Have you had any experiences with being this type of group member ?

Expect to give and recieve a fair hearing within the group

Today I am going to be talking about giving and recieving fair hearing in your groups.

Giving ideas in a group is a crucial part of the overall success of the group and getting a group task done and completed. In order for this to happen group members must give  full attention when others in the group are speaking. When a person speaks in the group they have a right to be heard and obtain the full attention of others in the group, once the others understand what you are saying this can lead to feedback on your ideas and even a group discussion leading to more important ideas that can prove to be useful. Providing respect to your group member with your attention does not mean you must always agree with them but listening to what they have to say will prove to give better overall results for the group when completing their tasks and will avoid frustruations or disagreements.

What are your thoughts on what I have spoken about today ?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Make a commitment to fair play in the group

Have you ever been in a group and had a moment where you thought your idea was better then someone elses and the problem solving became competitive ?

Today im going to be talking about fair play within a group and what it means to have fair play.
Within a group there is going to be many tasks at hand that require problem solving in order to complete the task. Problem solving within a group is not a competitive thing, when people make it a competitive thing this is when the task becomes more difficult to complete. When group members cooperate you are making tasks very easy and simple to complete and you are not putting your group in jeapordy just for yourself. In otherwords cooperation and fair play in a group is key to success. All group members are equal and deserve to be heard and have their opinion respected.

What is your opinion on what I have touched upon today ?